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Online Panel discussion Promoting Education and Research in the Society Organized by Kanzuliman Research

Bareilly. An online Panel Discussion was organized on a national scale yesterday 23rd august for promoting research and education in Muslim society by the Research Division of Kanzuliman Foundation. Prominent figures, Lecturers, Educationists, Scholars and Islamic clerics from all over the country participated in this discussion. Discussing the event, Dr. Ahmed Junaid of Amity University, told that scholars will have to give priority to reconciling between the old and new paradigms to regain the top spot in the global research. Mr. Shahnawaz Malik Asst. Prof. AMU Mallapuram Campus Kerala discussed the historical factors and various reports that were developed over the time through which he addressed the causes of Muslim decline in Education and Research.
Social activist Mr. Nadeem Sheikh from Manzamah Falaiahiya said that we need to focus on producing intellectuals along with providing education. Maulana Arif Raza Nomani, editor of the monthly magazine Paiyam Barkat, told that the Qur’an and Hadith are the complete ways for Muslims to follow and if they do so they will achieve their goals. Fauzia Khan said that education among women is also crucial for a developing society. Bushra Naz agreed that Muslim culture and Shariah are not a hindrance in upliftment of women, but are helpful. Shafaque Khan quoted the Sachchar committee’s report and pointed out the both Islamic and the current knowledge is necessary for achieving success in the world.
Public Relations Officer of the organization, Mr. Fardeen Ahmad Khan Saheb moderated this event and said that there was a time when Muslims were leading the world in literature, culture and philosophy and Baghdad was the largest city in the world in the 9th and 10th century. He said that we should work to restore that past glory.
Head of Research Division, Mr. Yasir Raza Qadri said that various programs, publications, training, etc. are being organized on time by the institution for the promotion of research and education in various fields and this discussion is also an integral part of this sequence. Similarly, the institute has also established KanzulIman International Journal on Razwiyaat and Research Help Desk, which will give researchers an opportunity to understand the research and its importance at an international level. Along with this, the organization has decided to lssunch the Kanzul Haya magazine for women’s empowerment. Approximately 100 people were present on the ZOOM meeting, nearly 300 on Facebook live and 25 people were listening to the discussion in physical gatherings with social distancing, It was live on the official Facebook page of the Kanzuliman Foundation from 2 pm, through which visitors also asked their questions. Finally, the Chairman Mr. Amir Hussain Sahib gave the vote of thanks.

Amir Husain

24/08/2020, Nashik: Monthly #Food day celebration!

#FoodDay was celebrated by #ProjectCARE girl’s volunteer team at Nashik, Maharashtra. Approx 100 meals were served in the locality of Nashik city.

The volunteers included Nida Khan, Shafaque Khan ,Aayesha Shaikh, Maheen Mulla, Alfiya Mirza, Afreen Pathan and Bushra Naz Sayyed.

Elders as old as 75 years showed their support towards this community building effort and helped volunteers prepare food.

The food was distributed in packages following the guidelines of social distancing and medical hygiene norms related to the pandemic. Proper care was taken during the preparation of food. All the people wore masks and gloves during the distribution.

Kanzuliman Foundation and it’s #NGO division #ProjectCARE intends to celebrate Food Celebration every month with a target of distributing 1100 means each among the destitutes and make food accessible for all.

If you would like to contribute to the genuine efforts of our volunteers feel free to send your contribution online:

Team #ProjectCARE

Thank you!