Bareilly, India


a non-profit initiative of Kanzuliman Foundation

What is Project CARE?
A non-profit project of Kanzuliman Foundation focused on Education, Healthcare and Food Programs.

What is Kanzuliman Foundation?
A socio-religious, non political non profit organisation registered as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act 1882, headquartered at Bareilly, India.

Is it a religious organisation?
Kanzuliman Foundation offers religious services under it’s religious services banner (Kanzuliman Islamic Library), however Project CARE is separate from the religious division of Kanzuliman Foundation and is entirely focused upon promotion of education, heathcare and food programs.

What is the funding model?
Since, Kanzuliman Foundation is a nonprofit trust we do not endorse donations for anything except for humanitarian non-profit projects. We have a team of professionals who support the foundation as responsible citizens, apart from this we do not have any other source of funding. We encourage will full supporters to come forward and help us support in our initiatives, interested folks can send their support online.

What are the available campaigns?
Education awareness, Health and Hygiene awareness and Food distribution campaign.

How can I support these campaigns?
Register as a volunteer in the volunteer program, if shortlisted you will get a chance to work for these campaigns.

What is the criteria to join as a volunteer?
You should be at-least 18 years of age with a good academic and social track record.

What benefit do I get if I choose to volunteer for Project CARE?
Along with learning opportunities, you will get hands on field experience of working in an NGO, this will help you develop leadership quality, learn new skills, opportunity to network with the professional team along with securing an experience and certification for your volunteer services.

Is there any fee to enroll as a volunteer at Project CARE?
No, our volunteer program is entirely free with no hidden or upfront cost. There is no fee to volunteer at Project CARE and initiatives attached to it, however time commitment, discipline and accountability is expected from every volunteer joining the program.

What is the minimum and maximum duration I can choose to volunteer?
Currently, there are 3 option – 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. However, if you feel that you still need to help society you can choose to extend your enrollment.

Do I get a certificate and an experience letter if I volunteer?
Yes, every volunteer registered in our volunteer program who successfully completes the chosen volunteer duration will be awarded a certificate and an experience letter. Register here

Who I can reach out to in case of queries?
You can always reach out to our helpline on WhatsApp – +91-892-376-1145, you can write a note at or can take an appointment to meet our representative in our office between 2 pm to 4 pm Monday to Thursday and on Weekends (all walk-in appointments should be taken on WhatsApp or email mentioned above 48 hrs prior visiting the office).